Posted by: Amanda | November 23, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

1. I slept much worse than usual Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I was so tired last night that I went to bed at the same time as the boys last night (around 9pm), and with the exception of an hour or so of being awake in between, slept until almost 8am today. Hopefully my sleep debt has been met.

2. JR watched the pilot of Gummi Bears with the boys tonight. I think it left a lasting impression on them. “The Gummi Bears have a roller coaster at their house! And gold fish live in their ceiling!” I watched quite a bit of Gummi Bears as a child, but had forgotten those details myself.

3. This morning, I was feeling a little sad that nobody had mentioned “dogmatians” (perhaps better known as Dalmatians) in awhile. This afternoon Joshua began talking about cariboozers* (better known as plural caribou, Joshua still says caribou if he’s only talking about one). So the void from a lack of dogmatians in my life is feeling less empty. What child-versions of words do/have your children used?

4. It’s back to being cold again today. Which means that Gabriel and I went back to wearing appropriately warm coats. Joshua has decided that he doesn’t wear a coat unless he can see snow.

5. I’ve heard a lot of parents mention how scary Brave is in the last week. I still don’t see it, except, as I mentioned before, scary that there is so much riding on things near the end. Although I know that different people have different backgrounds and will react differently. I did cry a few tears near the end, but motherhood has turned me into the type of person who cries at almost every movie character’s personal break through though. You know the part in Cars when Lightning turns around to help The King? I shed a few tears at that too.

6. JR and I pulled a “Phoebe’s Mom”* during Toy Story 3 last weekend. When we got to the part where all of the toys were back home safely and Woody was ready to go to college with Andy, we turned off the television and told them all of the toys got put up in the attic for when Andy has children that are old enough to play with them. As was mentioned in the beginning of the movie anyway.

7. I wrote so much about movies today that you may believe that’s all I’ve done this week. Honestly, all I’ve watched is: Brave (1.5 weeks ago), the end of Toy Story 3, and the Mythbusters in which they busted that tryptophan is guilty of causing Thanksgiving tiredness. It was actually the fact that people eat more than a day’s worth of calories in one sitting. Which I already knew because I am a vegetarian and never eat turkey, yet feel so tired after I eat way too much.

Have a great weekend, you can check out other Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

*If you’re not a Friends fan, Phoebe learned as an adult that her mother never showed her the end of sad movies to shield her from the pain. I guess we didn’t do exactly the same thing, because JR and I just weren’t fans of Toy Story 3.


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