Posted by: Amanda | November 29, 2012

Shows I Didn’t Watch as a Teenager but Have Now

When I was a teenager, I wasn’t aloud to watch many television shows. I distinctly remember that the television didn’t really come on until after we had gone to bed at night as a child, and my parents pretty much stopped watching whatever they watched when I was younger by the time that I was a teenager. So I remember watching a lot of Jeopardy! And Wheel of Fortune. Also, TGIF on Fridays. So tonight, I will outline my reactions to a few shows that I didn’t watch as a teenager and have since.

It’s actually a lie to say that I never watched this before moving out on my own, because I clearly remember watching a few episodes. I even remember watching the one with Chandler and Joey and the game of cups with my mother and brother. Still, even though it is a pretty mild show, it dealt with topics that my parents wouldn’t have approved of us watching on a regular basis. Friends is pure gold in terms of adult hilarity, however. I watched the series when Gabriel was a baby, and then got JR hooked on it when I was pregnant for Joshua. I really only have positive things to say about this show. JR and I can (and have) watched it over and over in a loop. We also enjoy throwing out quotes from it. It’s surprising, really, how pertinent Friends quotes can be to real life. In sum: I knew that I was missing out on this series when I was still in middle school, but guess I’ve made up for it now.

Star Trek
I remember my parents referring to Star Trek as “fake crap” at one point in time. However, they’re not into science fiction AT ALL. While Star Trek differs pretty vastly from our reality, that is the point of the show. If my children decide to take an interest in Star Trek, or something akin to it, as teenagers, I doubt I’d have a problem with it. And I would probably watch it with them. I like Star Trek well enough now, but I question whether I would have as a teenager. So maybe my parents did me a favor on this one.

I remember talk of how the X-Files was such “a scary show!” I’m pretty sure it would have been referred to as “fake crap” if it came up in conversation as well. Considering the time frame, especially for the early episodes, it probably was scary. But some of the episodes were pretty laughably not scary to me now, especially in the context of how it was scary to the point of not being appropriate in my youth.

Jerry Springer
I didn’t ever really want to watch this as a teenager, and it shouldn’t technically be on this list because I haven’t watched more than a few minutes combined as an adult either. But for some reason about 75% of my class did watch it on a regular basis. Really, my parents did us a favor by not watching stuff like this.

There are probably other television series that aren’t coming to mind right now. I have thought of a lot of movies that my parents’ generation (though not necessarily my parents) touted as great movies, and I eventually watched. But really wish I hadn’t wasted my life on them in hindsight. Maybe some day I will write a post on those movies, in an attempt to spare someone who hasn’t yet watched them.

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