Posted by: Amanda | November 30, 2012

Favorite Finds, Volume IV

The best deals this week were on Christmas candy and Dove Men+Care products at Rite Aid. I don’t usually do the Procter and Gamble deals, but it rounded out a mail-in rebate I’ve been working toward and gave us some super cheap paper towels (can you believe the price tag on those was $14.99? Apparently I buy paper towels so seldom that I have no idea of what the going rate is. Though shelf price at a drugstore probably isn’t the going rate either).

Rite Aid
(2) Queen Anne cordial blueberries
(1) Venus & Olay razor
(2) Reese’s miniatures
(2) Reese’s bells
Saved 95%

Rite Aid
(2) Queen Anne cordial blueberries
(2) Heshey’s Kisses
(4) Dove Men+Care body wash

Rite Aid
(1) 12-count Bounty paper towel
(1) Reese’s miniatures
(1) Reese’s bells
(2) Dove Men+Care shower tool
(8) Covergirl single color eyeshadow
Saved 98.5%

Thanks to a cumulative +Up Reward that I earned over the course of my transactions, I saved 99% this week overall. It was a fantastic week for me at Rite Aid.

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