Posted by: Amanda | December 7, 2012

St. Nicholas’ Day

Yesterday was St. Nicholas’ feast day, so we celebrated.

On December 5, there were new dinosaur pajamas for Gabriel and Joshua. Mostly for cute picture taking purposes.


We also put up the Christmas tree on the evening of December 5. We don’t strictly follow the St. Nicholas tradition, in that he fills the Christmas stockings instead of shoes at our house. Mostly because I have invested in stockings and want to use them for more than decoration.


Joshua was so excited about his orange (he really enjoys them and eats them all of the time), that he almost stopped at the first item in his stocking. Gabriel had continued on and found candy and a toy dinosaur though, so Joshua powered through and found everything that was in his stocking. Then he noticed that St. Nicholas had given me pistachios, so we all had some of those with our lunch. Gabriel, Joshua, and JR may have all had some candy with their breakfasts as well.

Gabriel and Joshua have been telling everyone how nice St. Nicholas is, since he gave them each a Styracosaurus. I know I say it every year, but it’s true: each Advent/Christmas season with children is better than the last.


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