Posted by: Amanda | January 21, 2013

Random January Update

So there were a couple of holidays in the last month. Christmas was pretty wonderful. Then a couple of days later we were stricken with what may or may not have been a strain of the flu. So the boys and I spent a lot of time homebound and JR was grateful that it wasn’t his weekend to work. Then the holidays were pretty much over.

We watched the entire Back to the Future trilogy over the course of one weekend and the boys liked the idea of a time machine, especially a flying time machine, and even more especially a flying time machine steam engine. So even though the movies themselves were only kind of interesting to them now, I am hopeful that we can all enjoy it together at some point in time, even though I’m pretty sure that 2015 will be in the PAST by then.

I realized sometime in the last quarter of last year that even when I was healthy, I spent a lot of time feeling kind of run down and crappy. So I’ve drastically altered my diet. Which is currently vegan + no bread or processed foods. About 75% of my daily intake is raw too. So far I haven’t had any of the crashes that I’d gotten used to, and I find my meals to be so much more satisfying. So I’m quite happy with these changes. The side benefit of my diet change is that my family is eating a little healthier too.

I’ve still been doing plenty of couponing. I’ve had several good finds this month. Maybe I’ll get back to sharing only my most favorite finds.

It’s been so cold lately (I know, it’s happening to everyone), that the boys and I haven’t been going outside much. Which makes everyone a little stir crazy because we’ve also been avoiding going to places that germs frequent more than we need to.


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