Posted by: Amanda | February 9, 2013

Favorite Finds, Volume VII

I’ve taken the last month or so off from blogging about my couponing finds, but I haven’t taken it off from couponing. The last couple of weeks have been rather good though, so I wanted to share them.

Week of January 27-February 2
From Target:
(4) Dove Men Care bar soap, 6-count
Saved 87%

From Rite Aid:
(6) Tide Boost, 30-count
(2) Dove body wash
(3) Dove Men+Care body wash
(1) Dove Men+Care shower tool
(25) Dawn dish soap
(I purchased these items over several days due to coupon restrictions)
Saved 92%

Week of February 3-9
From Target:
(2) Scott bath tissue, 24-count
Saved 50%

From Rite Aid:
(2) Finish dish tabs, 20-count
(2) GE soft white light bulbs, 2-count
(2) Biotene mouth wash
(2) Reach toothbrush
(1) Clear shampoo, trial size
(4) Clear shampoo or conditioner
(12) Revlon beauty tools, assorted
Saved 92%


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