Posted by: Amanda | February 19, 2013

Lent 2013

This year I decided to give up Twitter (except if I have no other way of contacting someone that I need to contact, which is rare) and Facebook (except for printing coupons) for Lent. The first day, I surprised myself with how many times I went to open their respective apps on my phone, but I moved the icons out of my immediate line of vision and it was much easier. It was a little eye-opening in terms of how often I was in the habit of mindlessly opening those apps to check for updates. What’s been even more surprising is how my mind has still been composing a lot of un-tweeted tweets. At nearly a week in, I have not yet determined what’s been happening to the extra time that should be freed up by not using these forms of social media. We had our annual winter getaway over the past weekend (more on that later) though, so I’ve only had a few days of my regularly scheduled life whilst giving up Twitter and Facebook. I’m making a note to re-visit this near the end of Lent.

I also like adding something that directly benefits my spiritual life during Lent to complement my sacrifices. I didn’t commit to any particular reading or devotion this year, but to the more vague notion of “do some extra spiritual act 1) myself and 2) with my family everyday.” I kind of hate admitting this, but we struggle with keeping faith in the foreground of our lives sometimes. Basically, it seems like any interruption to our day and something falls to the wayside. It’s not always faith-related, but it is often. Finding little extra ways to make our Catholic faith more present has been a nice way to help all of us prepare for Easter.


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