Posted by: Amanda | March 4, 2013

Several Random Thoughts

1. This last week, not using Twitter or Facebook wasn’t even very challenging. My mind hasn’t been composing random tweets several times per day anymore. I didn’t even bother logging on to either of them yesterday. I seem to have broken the habit of mindlessly checking for updates. So that’s good. I haven’t noticed an increase in free time, however. Probably because I don’t actually have free time.

2. My Internet useage probably hasn’t gone down much lately either. I’m the type of person who researches, researches, researches to find the perfect item to meet a particular need. And then when I find that perfect-for-me item, I spend awhile looking for/waiting on the best possible price. I’ve been in the middle of this process for several items over the last few weeks.

3. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Doctor Who. This has been going on for awhile since I’m almost on season 4. I started watching the series with JR about a year ago, and googled just enough to know that the show has been so long-running because it swaps out Doctors and companions as necessary. JR devoured all but the first couple episodes of the first season (current BBC version, which began with the ninth Doctor) without me, and decided that he was finished when the Tenth Doctor arrived.

3b. Yesterday I watched Blink. It is considered one of, if not the, scariest episodes of Doctor Who. I’m not debating whether Blink was a good episode (it was excellent, and I keep thinking about watching it again right now to pick up on things I probably missed the first time). The Empty Child and Satan Pit episodes seemed just as scary to me in the moment. But then today I was at my parents’ home and saw this:



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