Posted by: Amanda | July 23, 2013

British Preoccupation

Growing up, my parents didn’t have any particular interest in the British Royal Family. I’m young enough that until more recently, landmark events happened during times that I was either 1. Not yet born, or 2. Too young to understand the full significance of such events.

Then I married JR. His maternal grandmother is actually British, though she moved to the United States when my mother-in-law was young. I remember the first conversation that I had with her. It went something like this:

Grandmother: “I hear that you have a horse, like JR.”

Me: “Yes, I have two horses. As well as a corgi.”

Grandmother: “Oooh. The Queen has corgis too.”

So, I married into a family that really enjoys tea and treasures their British heritage. I like weddings and new babies anyway, so even though I have only seen JR’s grandmother a few times (she lives in the southern United States), I feel like I’m sharing something with her on the occasion that I follow the happenings of the Royal Family.** Admittedly, I don’t follow closely. The world-wide excitement over the birth of one baby yesterday though? It was fantastic.

*I don’t actually know if I am sharing an experience with JR’s grandmother. I just know that I’ve heard her mention the Queen every time I’ve spoken with her.


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