Posted by: Amanda | July 28, 2013

Random Sunday Thoughts

My take-away from the 7 for 7 Challenge is that I don’t write quality pieces when I’m writing every day. Then I begin to think how it would probably just be better if I wrote one or two quality posts per week. Except I already know that leads to me writing nothing for a month at a time AND still turning out ho-hum posts. So, perhaps I should just write a little something every day anyway.

Highlights from today:
– Today was JR’s Sunday to work. Which means that we take lunch to him and have a ‘picnic.’ It also means that nobody gets their day of rest because JR will have worked twelve days in a row before he gets his next day off.

– I feel like I should come clean on the no rest claim above, since we did nothing except eat dinner and watch a movie tonight. It was probably ill-planned because I’m going to have so much house work to catch up on tomorrow. We’ve found that sometimes we have to just take a break though.

– It’s so unseasonably cool (mid-70s), that it felt like autumn today. It also rained on and off all day, which is good for our garden and the crops, but not for actually getting outside.

– Gabriel, Joshua, and I have big plans for tomorrow. They have free cookie coupons they plan to redeem at the local bakery (it’s only open until lunch, so we don’t go often), visit the library, and go to the second-hand stores down town. It will be the most time we’ve spent on that side of town since Christmas. There’s also some groceries and household items/school supplies to purchase on the other side of town, but that’s not really news.

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